Tribute to Baraka Khan By:


Feb 22, 2016

Dearest Baraka,

You were such an inspiration to us all. I wish I had been there more for you to share your sorrows and your joy. I can only hope you will forgive me.

I find it difficult to believe that someone the same age as me has gone through so much: school, university, marriage and then the end of life in such a short space of time. But you bore it with such fortitude and such determination. We cannot dream to be half the person you were.

The world only has the best to say about you. That you were so kind, so pure and so trusting in God. That you had a beautiful way with words. I still remember the first time I heard you recite one of your poems. I remember being in awe and thinking “wow. How can someone combine words so elegantly! ” I remember your fondness of nature. You once said that there is nothing more peaceful than praying outside on the earth. Believe it or not that was the first time I had prayed outside on bare earth and it was with you.

I know that Inshallah you are at peace. May Allah have mercy upon your soul and give you gardens in Paradise. May Allah keep you cool in the grave. May Allah give sabr to your family in this difficult time. I will always remember you. Lots of love xxx