Tribute to Baraka Khan By:


Mar 22, 2016

Baraka, I’d never been to the funeral of someone I’ve known before. They are surely difficult times, but Baraka, yours was blessed in ways you may scarcely have believed. It’s rare that you meet someone in whom you can see no flaws but despite all the good you see in them, you barely scratch the surface – you just hear more and more of the beauty and strength of their character. Your depth of faith drew others deeper; your light illuminated the paths of others.

Throughout that day and the days and weeks after, I often had you on my mind. But my mental image of you, from all the the years we had in Cambridge, throughout tough times in London, and on, is you on the evening of your mendhi. I’ve never seen you so radiant, so full of life. I can clearly picture you now, every detail of your wide grin, your flashing eyes, your flowing dress.

You taught me a lot about life. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary. Recognising our own flaws. The mighty strength of asking for help. I really love you as my friend and sister. Being with you, spending time with you, having hugs with you has been my honour and privilege. As has it been, being welcoming into the loving, warm fold of your family. I pray you have found comfort, much comfort. I pray your family find solace in the wonderful times they had with you and the love you nurtured among so many people and in so many places.