Tribute to Baraka Khan By:


Mar 1, 2016

Reading all these messages, from familiar names and not so familiar names, makes me really emotional. You touched so many people’s hearts Baraka. But you did even more than that for me. You picked a spot and engraved your name, making sure i’ll never forget you.

Uni was such a mix of emotions, highs and lows, but it was always wonderful to have you there to share it with. To have you there as an anchor. A reminder that life is beautiful, that we need to get our priorities right, and mustn’t forget God in all of the crazy mess! You were my call to prayer. And still are. Every time I think of you, i get sad. Really sad. And it’s even more difficult when I think of you by accident. Mentioning you in conversation, thinking ‘I’ll give Baraka a call’, or ‘Baraka would like this, I’ll send it to her’. But then I turn to The One you always turned to. The One you helped ME turn to. And say: kheir, inshallah 🙂

I’ll miss you. But i know you’re heading to a much much grander place now. With everything you could possibly wish for. And i can only hope and pray that I’ll be able to join you one day so we can sit together on two rocking chairs, hands behind our heads, laughing at life and all it stories. Love and prayers xxx