Tribute to Baraka Khan By:

Samia Aziz

Mar 5, 2016

I’ll never forget the first time I met Baraka – she had been juggling several commitments that night but had promised she would swing by the ISoc fresher’s dinner to meet the new intakes, especially because there were a couple of PPS students in the mix this year – including me! She came almost running in, jumping between different groups of friends offering them hugs and smiles, yet never making anyone feel like a nuisance in her already packed evening. When it came to meeting me, Baraka exuded such warmth and a sense of familiarity, while at the same time making me feel really excited about the degree I was about to begin. Up until that day it had just been scary tales of essay deadlines and reading lists as long as my arm. She was muttering something about her younger brother’s birthday, rowing and needing to see college friends, but promised she would take time out for more in depth conversation. As she left, I remember smiling to myself, reflecting on how busy and happy she was! Over the next couple of years, Baraka offered me a lot of solace as I struggled to get to grips with elements of the course, and also taught me a great deal about how to remain grounded in my faith during more turbulent times. I’m so grateful BKay was a part of my journey, and am absolutely honoured to have been a tiny tiny part of hers. She is deeply deeply missed.