Our Vision

The Baraka Khan Foundation’s responsibility is to become the best practice benchmark for sustainable business, investment, charity and legacy projects and to be at the forefront of fighting for good causes through our charitable arm.

The Foundation will honour the legacy of Baraka Khan while finding and supporting ideas and causes of the future to do good across communities through continuous learning.

Our Values


Baraka drew inspiration from her faith inspiring others to do good.


Baraka had the desire to always do her best in the pursuit of excellence.

Better World

Baraka always strived to use her passion and education to make this world better for all. 


Throughout her journey of pain and suffering, Baraka found happiness in remembering others, making her act of kindness a reason to smile.


Baraka was a champion of diversity. She took every opportunity to increase understanding between different faiths & cultures.

Our Mission

Our focus, is on doing good business, measured not only in numbers but also in the good deeds our business enables us to do. We are, first and foremost, a charitable organisation designed to create positive impact in the world in honour of Baraka’s legacy. We see individuals, and their potential. We are inspired by innovation and passion, with a focus on

nurturing future talent while protecting our legacy for future generations. Our methods are based on seeing solutions over problems, learning from our mistakes, and consistently refining our approach to business in order to fight for good causes.

“Enjoy every breath: live today well.”

— Baraka Khan (1991-2016)