The Baraka Khan Foundation supports numerous initiatives that were close to Baraka’s heart and she personally supported these projects. 

Calligraphy Course

Baraka’s unwavering commitment to calligraphy has inspired the Foundation to continue this art form, encouraging others to take the opportunity to learn from esteemed calligrapher Shaykh Moustafa Hassan. Learn more about the programme.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Throughout her journey in fighting cancer, Baraka developed a compassionate, heartfelt connection with Macmillan Cancer Support. Baraka helped spread the word about Macmillan giving birth to her very own campaign: ‘Make Every Breath Count’.

Baraka’s Open House

Baraka’s Open House celebrates life, faith and learning. Baraka specially requested that an open house event be held every year to allow friends and family to come together in her memory; to share thoughts, reflections and a common purpose.

BKF Huffaz Awards

The BKF Huffaz awards have been named in Baraka’s honour to recognise the achievements of students who complete the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an. Every year, a graduation ceremony is held for these students who complete the process and receive a prize.

Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery

Baraka supported the East London Mosque during her lifetime. The Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery is a tribute to the Late Baraka Khan’s enduring legacy, presenting the best image of Islam, bringing faith communities together, promoting dialogue, and allowing for a space to promote equality.

Cambridge Central Mosque

Baraka had a deep devotion to her faith and was very proud to be both British and Muslim. She dedicated herself to raising funds for the completion of the Cambridge Mosque, a prayer space of spiritual tranquillity and unique eco-design open to all.