Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery

BKF Project

Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery (BKVG) is located on the first floor of the East London Mosque. The BKVG is a unique space for welcoming visitors, with a perfect view of the main prayer hall, and facilities to present Islam and dispel misconceptions. It has enabled the East London Mosque to offer a better visitor experience. Combined with exhibitions and courses, it has raised levels of delivery and professionalism.

The Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery is a tribute to her enduring legacy, presenting the best image of Islam and bringing faith communities together. Baraka, like her name, will continue to be a true blessing.

The LMC and The Baraka Khan Foundation aim to create a space that is open for all, no matter their religion, ethnicity or cultural background. The project aims to increase an understanding of our common legacy as children of Adam and build an alliance of goodness.

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A welcoming visitor gallery with a view of the mosque’s prayer hall, connecting communities for a better world.


First Floor, Maraym Centre,

45 Fieldgate Street,

London E1 1DU

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