Calligraphy Course

BKF Project

Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and artistic mastery with our new Arabic Calligraphy course, inspired by the incredible journey of Baraka Khan. A keen student of this intricate art form, Baraka immersed herself in the rich history and profound cultural significance behind every stroke of this exquisite form of visual expression.

Under the revered guidance of Master Calligrapher Moustafa Hassan, Baraka honed her skills, crafting a legacy that beautifully marries the spiritual depth and artistic finesse of Arabic Calligraphy. Today, the Baraka Khan Foundation is proud to honour her unwavering commitment to this sacred craft, presenting you with an opportunity to walk in her footsteps.

Our calligraphy course takes you on a voyage of exploration, allowing you to delve deep into the sophisticated techniques and philosophical insights this craft has to offer. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your horizons, our course is designed to cater to various levels of proficiency.

Under the expert tutelage of Shaykh Moustafa Hassan, you will learn to appreciate the profound depth of each stroke, the rhythm that goes into the creation of each letter, and the spiritual essence that permeates this art form. We strive to continue Baraka’s legacy of celebrating the timeless beauty of Arabic Calligraphy, inspiring our students to connect with this ancient art form on a deeper level.

At the Baraka Khan Foundation, we believe in empowering individuals through education, nurturing creativity, and preserving cultural heritage. Our calligraphy course serves as a platform for you to engage in a spiritual journey while mastering a valuable skill. It’s more than just a class; it’s a community of learners brought together by a shared passion for the arts.

Join us in keeping Baraka’s legacy alive and become part of the transformative power of art that transcends borders and connects hearts. Discover the art of Arabic Calligraphy with us today.