Sir Michael Barber inspires with Deliverology

Aug 10, 2018

The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, together with the Baraka Khan Foundation, welcomed Sir Michael Barber on 17 July 2018 as he returned to deliver a workshop on Deliverology: The Recipe for Strong and Successful Community Institutions
Sir Michael’s Deliverology framework, developed whilst he was in government, helps institutions and organisations successfully achieve their goals through careful planning and evaluation towards successful implementation. Speaking on culture of business, Sir Michael explained that Deliverology isn’t about saying we want to build a bridge whilst the world stays the same; rather, “Deliverology is saying we want to change this world!”
This was Sir Michael’s second visit to the Mosque. He was welcomed by Iqbal Khan from the Baraka Khan Foundation, who noted, “Sir Michael has been working very hard in the fields of education and government to make sure that ethics, morality and good institutions are at the heart of every organisation and every government”. Sir Michael met by Mosque officials, community and NGO leaders and student activists. He praised the work of the Mosque and Muslim community groups for their proactive approach during difficult times. He shared his hopes for a “better Britain”, irrespective of political and societal changes.