Tribute to Baraka Khan By:

Jenny Brown

Mar 3, 2019

Baraka shone from the moment I met her in the South Hampstead classroom. She threw herself into the delights of the GCSE English language and literature course with such energy and talent. Every essay from her was a gift. I will not forget her: her grace, her intellect, her mature navigation of the angularity of adolescence. Her questing scholarliness and drive combined with a delicious sense of humour and a great determination to do good in the world. All of this made her delightful company aged 16 and it is so heartwarming to read of how they found expression as she grew up and in her later learning. She had the gift as one of her GCSE poets, Wordsworth put it, for ‘see[ing] into the life of things’. She had a poised Augustan mind and the heart and great imagination akin to some of the Romantic poets she wrote about so very well. I will never forget her – she had great integrity and great talent. She also studied T S Eliot so these final words are also for her, ‘Not farewell, but fare forward voyager’.