Tribute to Baraka Khan By:


Sep 27, 2016

I knew BK for only six months! What a blessed gift.

Our first proper day spent together started with a doctors appointment. All the usual awkwardness of getting to know someone new quickly made way for almost non-stop laughter, story telling and intimacy. And that was just the end of day one! I understood very quickly that I had stumbled into the presence of someone blessed. Peace defined her and filled the atmosphere around her. I felt like she had companions greater than us mere mortals and I was privileged to gain admittance. I once asked her in a jokey-but-serious way, ‘how do you spend your days B?’ She was like a mythical creature who eluded yet filled my imagination! Her answers confirmed my beliefs.

One way or another she was always on my mind and continues to be. I recently came back from a trip and still bought a gift for her! I didn’t quite realise how much she meant until she went away. I miss her very much.