Tribute to Baraka Khan By:

Tabassum Awan

Feb 18, 2018

Dear Beautiful Family and Friends of Baraka Khan,

Today’s memorial was almost like an encounter with Baraka. Hearing from her family and friends about her character, her life, the people she inspired, and the remarkable things she did was so deeply moving for us all. Thank you all for sharing these stories with so much courage and strength. It truly reflects Baraka’s strength, dignity and kindness. I am greatful to have come to know about this incredible lady, for she is the greatest form of inspiration to anyone and everyone. I know I only have a glimpse of how amazing she was, but this glimpse is enough for me to hold on to and remember her in times when I need courage, inspiration and hope. I will always keep her in my dua’s and pray that Allah gives her the highest ranking in Jannat. Ameen.